17 November 2010

Your Love is Enough

How many times have I heard or said that phrase "Your Love, oh God is enough for me" ? This morning once again I received the same message but felt it move deeper into my heart.

My dear friend Tristen and I were talking last week during Life Group about the dreams that God gives us. The question came up : is it wrong to strive after the dreams God has given us? My immediate response was NO! How could it be wrong for us to follow and chase after the passions and dreams that God has put in our hearts? Of course, there is a time when we chase dreams instead of the Dream Giver and we have to re-orient our selves and our priorities. But I reassured my dear friend that it was good to go after those desires that God has given us. Of course I would say that... isn't that what this whole blog is about? Following the Dream?

But today God spoke in the overwhelming gentleness that is His Spirit and whispered into my heart "The only thing that matters is My Love. My love is enough to light up the darkness. It is all you have ever needed."

In this song, Brandon Heath sings about the Love of God:
"You're the hope in the morning, You're the light when the night is falling...You're the eyes to the blind man, You're the feet to the lame man walking... The only thing that matters is Your love."

"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal." 1 Corinthians 13:1

I can strive forever to follow after the dreams God has given me. Or I can trust in His Love and Faithfulness and trust His promises. See, going to Indonesia and leaving a legacy is not just a dream or a passion, it is a Promise. So I don't have to strive for it, just trust in God's promise and His timing and wait and go when He says go.

Now I hear him say "Now is the time, it's time to go." Am I ready? Do I trust Him to do what He has promised? Do I step out in faith and say yes, I will go, even when I cannot see the path ahead?

15 November 2010

Hope is springing up from this old ground

It has been too long since I have looked at this blog. Too long without an update, I know... but life has been so busy. It is hard to make myself sit for long enough to write down what has transpired these past few months... Unfortunately, my few minutes is all I have today, so it will be a short update with more details to come...

Since the last update, much has happened...
We have gotten pregnant.
We miscarried again.
I lost twenty pounds and gained back another ten.
I have had discouragement and hope presented to me on the same day.
I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease (a thyroid and autoimmune disease that explains every health problem I have faced in my entire life).
I have become an independent distributor for Premier Designs Jewelry.
I have shared many hours with friends and family as we have encouraged each other.
We have been presented with another opportunity to go to Indonesia this summer.

Right now I am working long days at three jobs while Matthew continues to work his 40 hour + job at Simpson. We are both completely spent physically and emotionally. Many days I feel as though this will be the last time I will be able to get up out of bed. Although we now know what is wrong with me, the cure is a very long process and my body has been so worn down by the disease, it will take months before I will start to feel better. So forgive me for not writing. When my day is done, all I long for is sleep.

Pray dear friends... Pray for supernatural strength for both of us. Pray for wisdom as we talk with leaders of our churches to determine if now is the time for our vision trip. We have waited so long, but financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically we are not ready. But I know what God can do in six months time and if this is our time, we will rise to the challenge and do whatever it takes to prepare ourselves for the coming trip. I have waited too long to let any opportunity slip by. I will give every last ounce of energy to follow this dream.