29 January 2012

It is 12:31am on Sunday, January 29th.  Another late night.  My body is tired, but my mind cannot rest.  I am too full of anticipation and excitement!  Soon... very, very soon... I will get to hold my little girl in my arms!  My long awaited dream is about to come true and as much as I need the sleep, I cannot stop thinking about what it will be like to be a mother and to get the privilege of raising our dear Amelia Ann Parsons.

Although they have not changed her official due date, the doctors have decided to induce me at 39 weeks (less than 2 weeks away!) in order to prevent complications. The gestational diabetes is now being controlled with medication, which puts us in a higher risk category.  Besides the weekly OB appointments, I also see the endocrinologist weekly now as well as having fetal monitoring twice weekly until she arrives. That's a minimum of four doctor visits per week!  Not to mention I'm still seeing the ophthalmologist every 6 weeks to monitor the migraines and make sure there is no swelling behind my eyes.

If I'm not sleeping, eating, or at the doctor, I spend my time at home with last minute preparations for Amelia's arrival.  The nursery is nearing readiness, although our little angel will be sleeping in our room for a while, so we are not rushing the process of creativity that will be expressed in her bedroom. Matthew has promised to paint her room and we have purchased butterfly and dragonfly stencils to aid in this task.  We also have a dresser to assemble, and some curtains to hang.

The grandparents are preparing their schedules for the phone call that says come on down and see her.  Despite their busy schedules, I know they are just as anxious as we are to hold her when she comes and they will do everything they can to make the trip down to be with us during this time...

Matthew has applied for a better paying position at the university to help cover baby costs and keep us on track financially.  He has been an amazing support throughout this pregnancy, but especially these past few weeks as my anxiety has increased and my moods are ever changing.  He is learning to sleep through all the noises of me being up at all hours of the night and even now I hear him snoring from the bedroom as I lay in the recliner and type this blog hoping sleep will come sooner than usual tonight.

Even Skippy, our Parsons Terrier Mix, is feeling our anticipation at this stage.  If he isn't sleeping, he is by my side with his head on my belly listening to Amelia's heartbeat and feeling her movements. I know they are going to love each other! I can't wait to get pictures of them together!

Well, that is pretty much what is going on here.

As my belly gets bigger, so do my dreams.  I know she will fill our home and our hearts with joy and in many ways she already has! I am so excited to see what the next months and years bring as Amelia joins us on this journey of following the dream....