05 January 2013

A Step Forward in 2013!

Matthew and I are looking at attending a Perspectives class this spring. 
For more information about what Perspectives is check out their website:
This is a very important step for us towards following the dream for Indonesia as it was a recommended step during the Pioneers Orientation we went to a few years ago. Attending this class will not only connect us with other Pioneers missionaries and help Matthew and I begin to speak the same language when it comes to missions, but it will also encourage unity in the churches here in Woodland since it is a multi-church class.
Rather than asking for our friends to help sponsor us (the class is about $200 for each of us plus the cost of childcare), I'm asking any of you who have ever thought about hosting a jewelry show to consider hosting one in the next few months. You get free or half priced high quality, high fashion jewelry, get to hang out with your friends (and me!) and we get money we can use towards this class. 
If you want to know more about the jewelry check out the link to Our Premier Family
Thank you for considering supporting us this year!