07 May 2013

God Math


That is how much money we need to raise if we are going to go on our Vision Trip this October.  

That is a lot of money. 
No....  That's a lot of money to me. 
It's not a lot of money to God. 

That is what I have been wrestling about this week ... God Math. 

If God says go, I go but how do I do that?  How do we save that much money when we are just barely making it every month to pay bills and buy diapers?  Do I find another job? Do I sit and wait for a magic check in the mail? These are the questions that have kept me up at night. 

And the real question: Will we ever get enough money together to go to Indonesia or will I be disappointed again?

After talking with Matthew last night and praying again this morning I feel so strongly that this is the year that we do this!  This is the year of Redemption.  This is the year of God’s promises fulfilled.  My devotional this morning was from Micah 4:10.  “You will soon be sent into exile... but the Lord will rescue you there, He will redeem you from the grip of your enemies.”  Although I have in many ways felt like coming to Woodland was like being sent into exile (away from all that I had known... all my family and friends) I know that God has used this time to do an amazing redeeming work in my whole family.  He has brought us many new friends and brought so many good things into our lives through this time.  But Woodland is not home for us.  It is not the promised land.  This is the time.  It is time to go home...

My heart was sick. Very sick. Because for so long hope had been deferred.  So when Matthew said “now is the time” I was apathetic.  I didn’t want to hope again. But wrestling with my doubt has produced a new fire in me.  A renewed desire to go.  A fresh calling. A renewed commitment to the people of Indonesia. But my heart and mind is clearer now.  I know this is not just me this time.  This time The Lord is leading us just as He led the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. I’m following His leading.  Trying to not run ahead.  But my heart is excited again!  I am alive! I am ready! Let’s go!

Okay, so I'm ready but  the question remains: HOW? Well, friends, this is where YOU come in.  
There are five members of our team. (including our precious one year old Amelia).  Each of us needs to find 20 friends who are committed to partnering with us for this vision trip.  It is a commitment to pray and a commitment to give.  If each of us has 20 friends who can commit to giving $20 every month for the next five months then we will have all that we need.  20 friends is not that many. $20 is like a trip through the drive through with the family. Or One Starbucks a week. It is nothing. And yet it could change everything.  I am calling this the 20-20-5 plan.  20 friends. $20. 5 months.  So now there is a new question: Will you be One of my Twenty?

That, my friend, is a question for you to answer!  You can let me know your answer by replying on the blog or emailing me.  We are still putting together the tax deductible giving plan so I will forward you that information as soon as I have it.  But if you want to pledge your $20 let me know! And Thank You for being One of my Twenty! (if you'd like to be one of Matthew or Amelia's Twenty that's great too!  Just let me know in your message!).