30 August 2011

Baby update

There's not much news to add to this update.  Sometimes no news is good news. :)

The pregnancy continues to be going well.  We are at 15 weeks and baby looks healthy.  The only minor complications include gestational diabetes and a low placenta.  They are not causing any issues at this time.  We continue to pray for a healthy baby and a healthy mom during this pregnancy.  My migraines have been coming and going as usual, but without the relief of pain medication I am learning new coping mechanisms.  Also, the morning sickness has been fairly severe to this point and we are praying it will not continue very much longer!  It is hard to eat healthy when you can't keep anything down!  I also find myself getting dehydrated easily which can trigger migraines...

Okay.  Enough talk.  How about some pictures? :)

These are a few weeks old now.  We should get some new ones at the beginning of October.  Enjoy.