22 September 2012

hope lives

this morning as I lay in bed while Matthew fed Amelia and put her back to bed
I started thinking
and remembering...

I remembered the Dream. 
the one that started this blog.  
the one that I have lived for these past few years. 
the one about a child and a nation. 

and I realized that dream was sleeping in the other room.

I remembered the part of my dream when I was holding my child's hand.  I remember thinking about the big blue eyes and curly blond hair.  After the miscarriages I thought the dream had died too.  That child was lost forever and the one I had was different with a different plan for her life.  But today I questioned that thought.  My sweet Amelia Ann with her big blue eyes and curly blond hair.  Maybe she will walk the islands with me... maybe she will be the catalyst to a great revival and change a nation.  These maybe's are like sparks that start a fire of hope inside my weary heart.  Hope that I can still participate in a dream I thought I had lost. 

Hope is powerful. 
Hope gives purpose.
Hope brings life.
Without it we are only dust.

God gives hope because He loves us and He loves the world.
God is good.

Hope is alive in my heart again. 
This changes EVERYTHING!