10 April 2013

Vision Trip 2013

What else do I need to say?  We are finally going on our vision trip to Indonesia in October of this year.  All the years of praying and waiting and planning and dreaming ... and now the time has come.  We have an awesome couple from our church that are going with us to support us as we seek God as a family and travel to the islands I have seen only in my dreams for the past 10 years...

Your prayers are appreciated as we continue praying, planning and fundraising for this adventure.
So far it looks like we will be gone about three weeks in late October/early November.  We don't know exactly where in Indonesia we are going yet.  We are still praying about the details.  We need to raise a LOT of money because airfare is expensive (although much cheaper during our travel dates because it is the off-season).  But everything seems to be working out for us to go this year, so we are trusting God for the provision for our whole team to go!

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