17 July 2013

believing God for what we cannot see

I know it's time for a new blog post ... and I want to give you all a good update... but I also believe in being honest about where we are because we are a community built on trust and faith and prayer.

so this is an update filled with prayer requests.

this is what has changed since the last update:

The fibromyalgia and chronic migraines have gotten worse. Like severe, bad, horrible, emergency room visits kind of worse. I'm bed bound more days than not. And I'm broken, humbled and hurting but trusting, hoping and waiting because even though my body aches my heart is believing that the healing IS coming.  And I believe it will come before we leave for Indonesia this October. I don't know how or when but I KNOW it IS coming. "The Darker the Night, the Brighter the Day" as Kristene Mueller's Song Redemption says, and I can see the Dawn is coming!

Healing has happened!  I have been completely healed of endometriosis.  There is NO sign of it in my body!  The doctors cannot explain it. There are no scars from my previous surgery. My uterus is whole and healthy!  We are PRAISING God for this miracle and believing it is a sign of more healing coming to the rest of my body!

We are still planning our vision trip to Indonesia this October, but we are no longer going with a team... it will just be the three of us, so our cost for going has decreased significantly.  We are also planning a simplified trip which may mean we stay on only one island for this trip. But we will have the same goals: to seek God regarding our future calling to Indonesia and to serve and minister at every opportunity.

We will be launching a fundraising campaign this Sunday so watch for more updates on how to give and please be praying with us that we will be able to purchase plane tickets SOON!

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