24 March 2010


I had this incredible experience on Sunday night.

I would call it an encounter.

I haven't had an encounter like this in more years than I can remember...

It was crazy. Like a collision of two opposing worlds.
The worlds collided in the hearts of the people I was standing among.

One world was of discouragement and oppression. The other: freedom and hope.
It was a battle. And as I watched, I felt the heaviness.
The burden of the enemy's captivity and an attack of apathy.

I talked with other intercessors who were experiencing similar visions and feelings. Then I felt the burden lift and hope restored as we prayed for each other. I was so excited. I felt more alive than I have in years! Nothing excites me more than seeing the Spirit of God work among His people. Absolutely nothing compares to this!

I knew the post-attack would come. I anticipated it. But I did not anticipate the form in which it came. I should have. Should have known that he would use my weakness. But it has been so long since I fought in this battle that I forgot his strategies. He knew that my spirit was strong but my flesh weak. So he attacked my body. The past few days I have been exhausted and weak beyond even what I consider normal. As I tried to press through the exhaustion, it turned into a migraine and I have been in bed since last night. Along with this physical weakness and pain is a mental fogginess and an inability to think clearly.

It wasn't until this evening that I recognized the attack for what it was. And I realized the need for community. I so desire to get the intercessors together to pray and to encourage each other, but every attempt is failure. Busyness is only an excuse. There is an apathy but also an enemy that keeps us out of communication with God and with each other. When will we stand up and fight for each other?

We have a Victor. One who will stand for us. One who is greater than the enemy who wars for our hearts. But He gives us a choice. He allows us to join in the battle. And He gives us each other to lift up each others' arms.

I am blogging about an encounter I had with the spiritual realm. But I am also calling out to my fellow intercessors for a new encounter. This is a call to arms. Let us join together to stand against the apathy and attacks of the enemy. Let us stand up and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters in our own body.

We do not have to fight alone. Are you with me?

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