13 March 2010

A step in the journey - an update

This is a short update (that became once again too long) to let you all know what is going on with us. Please forgive the lack of communication recently and the jumbledness (ooh... I just made up a new word!) of this note as it is too early to write and my brain is still foggy from recent migraines.

Okay. Number one. We have a home! Yay! So, Matthew and I both posted ads on Craigslist describing what we were looking for in a new place. We received all kinds of replies, but one of them was an amazing family offering us an apartment out of the generosity of their hearts and a desire to grow as a family. So, in exchange for helping around the house (which has been a daunting task for this family of six!) we have our own one bedroom apartment which is like an in-law unit attached to the family's carport. What an amazing blessing! This is very good timing because this situation enables me to work and feel useful but to work on my own schedule. With the recurring migraines, I am just not able to work a normal 8-5 anymore. This is just a few hours a week so I can work hard on my good days and stay in bed without guilt or fear of losing my job on the bad ones. This is good timing because I have had a lot more bad days than good lately.

And on that note, an update on my health. We have finally scheduled the histeroscopy for April 12th. After being in near constant pain the past three months, this is a huge relief. Please be in prayer regarding this surgery that the doctor will have a steady hand so as to not cause more damage than necessary to my delicate parts and that this surgery will actually correct the problem with the miscarriages and cure the pain. My fear is that the pain I am experiencing is unrelated to the fibroid. If that is true, then there will be a lot more doctor visits post-op to figure out what is going on. Pray for quick recovery so I can return to helping my new family!

The migraines have been very persistent this past month. I am hoping that it is due to the stress and lack of sleep that is associated with moving and nothing permanent. I have seen an unhelpful neurologist in town who gave me some preventative medication that was more harm than help as well as some actual migraine relief which seems to be working but at the cost of feeling dizzy and groggy for a day after taking one.

Skippy is adjusting well to his new surroundings. We are still trying to find him a more permanent home, but we will enjoy his company for a while. The family (especially all the little kids) are happy with him being here and have been understanding of his needs.

Indonesia. My heart breaks at the thought. We have postponed our trip for a few months due to the homeless situation as well as not having all of our finances in order. We still need to raise about $3600 in order to go on this trip. But we will wait for the Lord's timing and His provision. While we are in our new home, we should be able to save a little money even though I am not working, but we also want to start paying down our school debt. We are still hoping to sell my Dodge Caliber in order to help pay one of the loans off. My grandma has given us her old Dodge Intrepid since she isn't driving anymore so that we still have a back up vehicle when we sell mine.

And with that, I am off to go help mom move to grandma's house. I am so glad that we will be close by (we are only about a mile from grandma's house) and yet not under the same roof! Since Jacob will be going to Enterprise High next week, he is close enough to walk to my house or grandma's house after school. Which will be good considering mom will most likely start working next month.

I think that is about it for now. I just wanted to get you all updated on what was going on with us. Sorry for not updating sooner, things have obviously been crazy. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Without you this journey would be more difficult and lonely.

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