04 May 2011

The Long Awaited Update - May 2011

I must apologize to all my faithful readers for taking so long to update you. There are many facts that may overwhelm you, but I want to give you the update, so here goes...

Update 1)  Matthew did get the job at UC Davis.  Thanks so much for your prayers.  He is working full time with benefits.  His pay is better and his stress less than his previous job so we can both focus on paying off debt and receiving healing: spiritual, physical and emotional...

Update 2) I have finally found a primary care doctor that the insurance will accept and it is only a quick 2 minute ride on the bus from my house! The clinic is large and overwhelming, but the ladies in each office are just the sweetest things and have gone out of their way to get me the best care they can offer and making it work with the insurance so I don't even have to think about it!

Update 3) The previous update was a HUGE answer to prayer because the past few weeks I have had several major panic attacks and the depression was so severe there were many days and nights that I thought I was close to the end and I had lost all hope.  For those of you who have struggled with the battle that is depression or have loved ones who suffer through this disease, you can understand when I tell you that I have the desire to live, but the fight to combat the enemy's lies is so exhausting, that after a while you get too tired to keep fighting.  It's in those moments of weakness that we desperately need the Body to lift our arms up in prayer.  I know you were there praying because I experienced breakthrough this week and I am still alive!  I have never felt so close to death as I was this past week. I felt so hopeless that I thought that I would find no relief from the pain even in death! I am sure that lie actually saved my life this week and made me press through to seek God for the healing and relief I knew only He could provide.  After over 24 hours of suffering through the worst attack of anxiety I have ever faced, a peace washed over me that I had not before experienced but instantly recognized as a peace that only Christ could bring.  Since then I have not experienced that degree of anxiety and I am so grateful!

Update 4) We have settled into our beautiful new home in Woodland.  Matthew commutes to work with co-workers morning and evening or takes the bus that conveniently picks up or deposits him just across from our house.  The bus has become my friend as I explore the area without the use of a reliable vehicle.  I will try to add pictures of this beautiful home we have been blessed with in future posts... For now I will just say that there are many gardening projects to keep me busy in the large front and back yards. Skippy is very content in the yard, but is still learning to maneuver on the slippery hardwood floors (which is a constant source of entertainment for all who watch him chase and slide after his toys).

Update 5) This past Sunday we visited a nearby CMA church where we were warmly welcomed into the family.  It is a small church, but it feels like a good fit and a perfect place for us to use our gifts as we wait on the Lord for His healing. We are praying about visiting other churches in the area before committing to call this church our new home.

I think that covers the basic updates.  Thank you so much for your prayers through this transition period.  We are excited about what this new season will bring, even while we grieve the distance from friends and family... Please continue to pray for healing, for new friendships and safety in travel.

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