17 July 2011

July 2011 Update

I am writing this update on a Virgin America flight on my way to Dallas Texas where I will spend the next several days surrounded by beautiful jewelry and inspiring individuals.   The Premier Designs National Rally is always a special event and I am  blessed to be able to participate this year.  Not only will I have the privilege of seeing the new line of jewelry that is in the front of the fashion business, but I will be inspired and educated by the top jewelers in the nation and encouraged by one of the founders and the leaders of this amazing company.  Have I mentioned that I love my job????

This week is also special because it is our 8th week of pregnancy!  Yes, I am getting choked up just typing this!!! We are pregnant again and past the date of the other losses.  We are so hopeful that we will get to see this little monkey of ours in just 7 months!!! For those of you marking your calendars, the due date is officially the 17th of February.  Although my brother is voting for the 21st since that’s his 18th birthday!  And I could be happy with the end of January or earlier in February, but spring is a wonderful time to have a baby and whenever this baby wants to join us I will gladly take him (or her)!!!

Other news… Matthew is doing well at his job at UC Davis.  There are many long, boring days, but the lack of stress has been very welcomed with his recurring lack of energy.  However, his hard work, experience and breadth of knowledge has not gone unnoticed at the university.  There is talk about moving him to a higher position sometime in the near future.  Higher position means higher pay but also greater responsibility and with his own medical issues and a baby on the way, this may not be the time to make changes.  Your prayers are coveted as we make these decisions and continue to search for answers and healing.

In the meantime, we are moving forward with anticipation of the expansion of our family.  I am dreaming of a nursery (again, I hold back tears… I’ve never been able to plan a nursery because we just weren’t sure  if we would get that far along…) and making plans for the baby’s arrival, even though we have so many months ahead of us.  Our church family here in Woodland has been especially kind to us in helping us with projects around the house to aid in this preparation.  I have also been putting together a baby registry at the request of friends and family who want to know what they can get us for the baby that will go with the theme I have chosen for the nursery.

As some of you know, I have always had a love for curious George, the monkey who made friends with the man in the yellow hat.  The year Matthew and I got married, the curious George movie came out and one of the songs from the soundtrack was Jack Johnsons’  Upside Down.  For those of you who were able to join us, you will remember that we played this song at our wedding.   Now that we  are acquiring a new member in our family, we want to keep the theme going so my goal for the nursery is to bring together my passion for Indonesia and the playfulness of curious George.  If you care to join in the fun, feel free to look at the registries I have set up at Target and Burlington Coat Factory to get an idea of the colors and themes we are going for. 
Many of you may be wondering if this news changes our plans to go to Indonesia.  The answer is NO!  We will stay in the States long enough to get proper diagnosis and medical treatment and pay off debt before venturing overseas.  If anything, this pregnancy is an encouragement that we are hearing from the Lord.  If you remember back to earlier blogs, the dream I received involved taking our child with us to Indonesia to take back the Islands for Jesus.  In the dream he was about 2 or 3… old enough to walk but young enough to still be holding our hands.  This falls into our timeline perfectly.  Of course, our view of the world is not the same view our Father has, so we will see how He directs our steps.  But as far as he has made clear, this is the way we are to walk.
Please join us in praising God for these 8 weeks of pain free pregnancy!  And continue to pray with us for a healthy baby who will join us in February (or late January) J
As always, thank you for your love and support.
~ The Parsons

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